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According to Webster’s Dictionary the definition of “rut” is “A long deep track made by the repeated passage of the wheels of vehicles.” As vehicles pass continually over the same ground, the tire tracks get deeper and deeper. The more the dirt road is traveled the deeper the ruts will be. If you have done much driving on dirt roads you understand that ruts can really get to be a problem. If you get down in a deep rut, it can be very hard to turn out of it. This analogy works well for our churches today. As we go over the same ground time and time again, we dig ruts in that ground and those ruts are very hard to escape from. Now that can work to the advantage of God and his people in some cases, but can cause serious trouble for God and his people in other areas. If we dig a rut in the area of doctrine. Where we have believed the same truth from the Bible for so long that we cannot get away from it, that is great, because those Bible truths should never change. However, when we dig a rut in the area of methods, it can be a huge detrement. We we are unwilling to change the way that we have been doing things, because we have been doing them that way for so long, it can cause us to grow stagnent and ineffective for God. For instance, when we do youth rallies today in exactly the same way we did them in 1957, there is a problem. Youth in 2013 are different than youth in 1957. They are interested in different things and reached in different ways. The world is reaching them with technology and we are still trying to reach them with skits and such. Their brains turn off and then we accomplish nothing. The rut that has been dug, is hard to get out of, but we must call in the tow truck if necessary. There are many examples that I could give, but I will not take the time. Just think about the things you are doing in your church. Is it the same as it was years ago, and is it ineffective now. Let’s push out of those ruts that are hindering the work of God.

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  1. Wesley Veazey says:

    I agree with you brother. A rut is just a grave with both ends kicked out. Once your in one it is extremely difficult to climb out. I’m open to suggestions, real and practical ways to encourage change. If you have something that is working for you I would love to hear about it. We need to have a Pastor’s Workshop/ Forum where we can exchange ideas and discuss our vision for our churches. I need your prayers in regard to this. Keep standing strong. Yours in Christ, Bro. Wes.

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