Posted by Peter Thompson

Tomorrow, June 5th is my nine year wedding anniversary.  As I think about the last nine years there are many diverse memories.  When we first got married, we were in Lubbock, TX working at Quaker Avenue Baptist Church as volunteer music and youth leaders.  I worked at Office Depot full time and of course it was not very long before we had baby Landon.  That kid kept us awake for the better part of a year, refusing to sleep every single night for the first year of his life.  When the Lord called me to preach we moved to Henderson to begin attending Texas Baptist Institute.  I had in my mind then that I would return to West Texas and do mission work there.  I remember through my first year of seminary looking at different towns in West Texas trying to decide where I would plant my first church.  Pleasant Hill called me as their music and youth minister and we began working in that capacity.  I began working for Pleasant Hill in May and in August our pastor left to pastor a different church.  The two years that followed may have been the most stressful two years of my life.  Leah, no doubt had a terrible time as well.  We stayed at Pleasant Hill and tried to hold things together.  As we listened to preacher after preacher in view of a call, each one brought on a 50/50 vote in our church and tensions rose with each one.  During that time I lost a best friend.  Through it all Leah was there by my side, holding my hand drying my tears.  After two years, the church called me as their pastor.  I prayed very hard about that decision because West Texas was still on my mind and heart.  We made the decision to stay here and pastor this church for as long as God wanted us to.  We have now been at Pleasant Hill in total 6 years.  On the first Sunday in February I will have been the pastor at Pleasant Hill for five years.  Leah and I together have grown to love the people at Pleasant Hill very much.  The Lord still wants us here as of today.  Since we came to Henderson, I have received an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters of Theology.  Of course this is a very short summary and many, many things have happened in nine years of marriage that are not included here.  Through everything, good and bad, my wife has never left my side.  I know she loves me more today than she ever has and I the same.  Leah and I will be together for all of our lives.  No telling where our lives will lead.  The events that I have described, I never would have imagined on our wedding day.  Two constants are my God in heaven and my wife by my side till death do us part.

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