Posted by Peter Thompson

Every year in January we start making plans for the summer.  We put the dates for our two camps on the calendar.  We set the dates for Vacation Bible School.  We set the dates for our annual revival.  As we begin preparing for those things more and more events begin to show up on the calendar.  The summer always becomes a whirlwind, but it is also the time of year when I feel like our church does the most work for God.  Kids get saved at our summer events.  Our church gets revived to do the work in a better way in the coming year.  Summer is hard, because it is so busy, but after all we are supposed to be busy for the Lord.  So I want to encourage everybody, to buckle up for summer and get busy for the Lord.  Make sure that you do everything with the motivation of glorifying the Lord and reaching people for Him.  Lord, help us to serve you this summer.

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