Posted by Peter Thompson

It has been a while since I have written a blog on the site.  Things have been hectic.  People have been sick, people have died, times seemed very tough.  There is still a lot of that going on right now, which brings me to my topic of the day.  Many times we get so bogged down in the things that seem so terrible that we forget to look up and see what God is doing in and around us.  For instance at Pleasant Hill we have lost some very dear people to death in the past few months.  Gay Taylor and Vernon Jones were so dear to me and the church.  Also at Pleasant Hill we have had 9 people join the church during the same time period.  Welcome to the Shields family.  We praise the Lord for Josh Roth and Nathan Thompson joining our church.  We thank the Lord, for the baptism of Savanha Gibbs and her two sons Kaden and Tyler.  I can feel the church hurting, everybody is down.  We are losing some of our dearest people, because God has decided to take them to heaven with Him.  Certainly, we are missing them, but let us not take our eyes off of the great things that God is doing at Pleasant Hill.  God is adding to our church.  Many of these younger people that we have coming in are fired up about sharing the Gospel with everyone around them.  We have some great plans for outreach coming up in the next little bit.  The church is not dying, the Lord is working.  I hear about people’s spiritual condition more than most people in the church.  God is working on hearts and people are growing closer to Him.  Yes, a lot of people are in the hospital and having surgery and recovering from those surgeries.  Yes, it is hurting our attendance a little, but Pleasant Hill, get your heads up, God is working among us and we need to get busy working with Him.  God is in control, He decided to take those that were taken.  God is in control, He decides what happens to Pleasant Hill and as far as I can tell, He has great plans.  I love you all with my whole heart.  Let’s raise our heads up and get back to working for the Lord every day of our lives.

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