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I was thinking about, this afternoon how that we have lost some very faithful and loved members of Pleasant Hill this past year.  We lost Vernon Jones this year, I wrote a tribute about him on this blog.  We lost Gay Taylor this year, a backbone in our church and a great example of Christian love and faithfulness.  We lost here recently David Myers, a quiet but faithful worker in our church.  There was rarely a service that you did not see these three great men of God present.  When I say men of God, I do not mean preachers or pastors.  I mean men who loved God and worked for Him.  As I thought about those losses I began to think about what it must have been like in heaven this past year.  As one by one these men that were completely dedicated to their Lord and Savior came into the presence of that Savior.  As he told each one in their turn.  Well done my good and faithful servant.  As they saw each other and talked about the good old days of serving the Lord at Pleasant Hill.  As they joined others that had gone before them who had served the Lord at Pleasant Hill all during its 157 years of service to God.  Those of you who know these three men and their dedication to God, can you imagine the good time that those guys must be having?  Those three would be terribly upset with their church, if we at Pleasant Hill sat around moping over losing them.  They would tell us to get busy.  Bro. Gay would tell us that there is a toilet or a door that needs fixing in the back, stop moping over me and fix it.  Bro. Vernon would tell us that there are lots of people to talk to and fellowship with that are still alive.  He would tell us to get into Sunday School.  He would tell us to call the bug man because JoJo saw a roach in the kitchen.  He would tell us to get busy folding those bulletins.  Bro. David would tell us to study our Bibles and teach those that need to be grounded in the faith.  He would tell us that he is doing  “mighty fine!” so get busy and encourage that preacher.  All three of them would tell us to get busy sharing the gospel and inviting people to learn God’s word.  They are in heaven celebrating the lives they led for the Lord.  So, lets make them proud by picking up where they left off.

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  1. Lanita Bell says:

    Thank you, Pete, for writing this. It made us laugh because it is so true of my dad. Even 3 days before he died, he was bossing us all around telling us that this or that needed to be done around the house. Then would make SURE he told the grandkids EXACTLY how to do it. We miss him every day but you are right….he wants each of us to carry on where he left off. He loved you very much also, along with Leah and Landon and everyone at Pleasant Hill. Thank you thank you thank you for remembering and loving him!

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