Posted by Peter Thompson

Maybe the last blog that I wrote on this site was about the first placements we received as we started our foster to adopt journey. Man, that seems like forever ago. I guess the lack of any blogs since kind of lets my readers know the way that that decision has turned our world on its head. We have fostered 6 children since that last blog and we have adopted the 3. Now that all of their adoptions are completely final I am able to talk about them. We adopted Becca who came to us at the age of 2 and is now 4. That little girl is a perfect fit for our family. Stubborn like our family, wearing her feelings on her sleeve like our family, but at the same time she makes me laugh everyday. Oh, and she is the cutest little girl you have ever seen. Ryker is Becca’s biological brother. He was 1 when he first came to us and is 3 now. He has a personality all his own. I’ve never seen anybody that was that cute when they were mad, which is most of the time for him. But he has a sweet side that few people get to see. His life has been hard, but he’s my boy now and can coast into adulthood fulfilling all of the great potential that God has placed into him. Then there is Asa, who clung to my chest at 6 months old, scared to death of the new surroundings. He is 2 years old now and the ruler of the world. It has been amazing to see the transformation in these babies when they were touched by the love of God in our home. My biological son Landon is 11 now. That boy is the joy of my life! He has been such a grown up through this whole process. I think he will grow up to help the orphans too! Whatever he does with his life, it is going to be grand! Please pray for our family every time you get the chance.

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