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I read an article lately, that was given to me by one of our church members.  This article by discussed about the importance of prayer for our nation.  The article encouraged us all to pray for our leaders, lawmakers and judges.  According to the article we should do this on the local level as well as the state and national level.  The article also enouraged people to pray specific things for the president.  Rather than “Lord, please bless our president” or “Lord, help our president to do what is right” we should pray for specific things.  The article listed the following suggestions to specifically pray for the president and our government officials:

“Therefore, please pray the president and  other elected officials would:

1. Realize their positions of authority were  obtained either by God’s choice or His permissive will.

2. Recognize their personal inadequacy for  the task of governing our country and look to the Lord for the wisdom,  knowledge, and courage to succeed.

3. Restore dignity, honor, trustworthiness,  and righteousness to the office of the Presidency, to the Senate, and to the  House of Representatives.

4. Readily forsake their political careers  and personal ambitions if it is necessary to do so for the best interest of the  country.

5. Reverse the destructive trends of humanism  and atheism—which attempt to dethrone God and deify humanity—because they  ultimately result in an ungodly society.

6. Respect, honor, and obey the Constitution  of the United States—the protector of our freedoms.

7. Reject all counsel that weakens our  defenses against aggressors or endorses agreements that would do so in the  future.

8. Refuse to promote a way of life in which  citizens of our nation become increasingly dependent upon the government for  their needs, thus surrendering their freedom to prosper.

9. Remember their accountability to almighty  God for their attitudes, motives, behaviors, and decisions that affect our  nation.

10. Resolve  that their terms of service will be dedicated to returning America to its position  as first among nations—where people can prosper individually, feel secure, and  take pride in their American citizenship, and almighty God is recognized as the  Source of all our blessings.”

I say, right on, Amen, this is exactly right.  God has placed the powers that be in office.  They are there because God wants them to be there.  Obama and other government officials were elected because God intends for them to be in office.  It is indeed, wrong for us to second guess God’s decision.  We are taught by scripture to come alongside our leadership and cooperate with them in every way.  Lets pray specifically for our president and others in office.  Use this prayer list if you can’t think of anything to pray.  If all Christians in our nation would begin to pray these prayers with all sincerity to God, it would without a doubt make a difference in our government.  God is powerful and can change the hearts of men.  Let us pray, sincerely, specifically and with good in our hearts for our president, congress and everyone else who holds an office in our country.

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