Posted by Peter Thompson

I read some statistics this morning that blew my mind.  I, as a pastor, try very hard to invite people to church and to advertise our church in every way that I can think.  I always try to involve the people as we have outreach days and go knock doors or go to the parks to hand out tracks and church flyers.  It appears from these statistics that by all of those efforts I am only reaching 14% of the people that could potentially come to our church.  Here is what I read:
“In a research about 1st time visitors in church, there’s one specific reason that visitors come- The friendship factor. The number one response when asked, why did you attend this church was, “I began attending because someone invited me.”
Here’s what the study revealed on how visitors came about attending church:
2% by Advertisement …
6% by the Pastoral Invitation
6% by organized evangelism campaign
86% by friends or relatives
God is for you and I am praying God will strengthen you, give you an opportunity and courage to invite a friend to church. I am praying God will bring favor upon your friend to accept your invitation and follow through by coming to church with you!”
I, like this other pastor, would greatly encourage you to go in the power of God and invite your friends to not only our church but to your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  You are the key to reaching your friends.  Don’t drop the ball, do what you can to reach them!

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