Posted by Peter Thompson

Well, I have been at Pleasant Hill for four years as the pastor.  Of course I spent two years before that as the Music/Youth Minister.  Come May I will have been at Pleasant Hill a total of six years.  I love every person in our church and have enjoyed my time here tremendously.  We have accomplished many things and impacted many lives.  I remember when I first came to Pleasant Hill how overwhelming and humbling it was to think that our church had been in existance for over 150 years.  During that time there have been some amazing pastors and much great work accomplished.  I felt that pressure to keep it up.  Now I just simply do as the Lord instructs me to do and He provides the increase.  I am still and always will be very inadequate to be in the ministry of our Lord and Savior, but I will continue to follow the Lord.  I have high hopes for Pleasant Hill in the future as we move forward together in the will of God.  Thank you Pleasant Hill for putting up with me, I love you all!

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