Posted by Peter Thompson

It has struck me lately that we as Christian people are all too often afraid to get our hands dirty. What I mean by that is that when we interact with people, we are more than willing to tell them that we are praying for them, we are more than willing to invite them to church, but we are not willing to get involved in the needs that they have. We don’t want to help them financially if they need it. We don’t want to carry them back and forth to the doctor. We don’t want to help them to find a drug rehab where they can fix their addiction and we definitely don’t want to get into that awkward conversation about avoiding hell by believing in Jesus Christ. As we look at the life of Jesus Christ we see that he was concerned with the spiritual needs of people but he also was willing to help people in any other way he could. He healed the sick because He had compassion on them. He fed thousands because He loved them and didn’t want them to go away hungry. Jesus invested himself in the lives of people. It seems to me that more people would listen to our message of salvation if we were willing to help them in their physical problems. Jesus would have us to follow in His steps and get our hands dirty in the lives of people that need it. I am encouraging our church and anyone who reads this blog to stop taking the easy way out, and spend your time helping others with whatever they need.

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